Clients & Testimonials


OlamaieLogo“Valerie’s vigilance at the markets is virtually unmatched.  She translates her grassroots attitude into organized and thorough lists.  These lists and market recaps help us see what is available at all the various markets in the area, especially those we are unable to attend.”

Michael Fojtasek, Chef/ Owner, Olamaie

522396_153098714858308_1657115458_n“While short-staffed, we hired Valerie to come in and help with ordering. She has relationships with nearly all of our vendors, so it was easy to hand off those tasks to her. She also identified some inefficiencies and outdated info on our order guide, and revised it to reflect our current menu and ordering schedule.”

Janina O’Leary, Executive Pastry Chef, laV Restaurant & Wine Bar


Gelateria Gemelli

“Valerie helped us navigate the complex and opaque world of sourcing organic and seasonal ingredients while we were scrambling to build out our space and order equipment. As an industry novice, I would not have been able to put together such a high quality menu without her guidance.”

Andrew Sabola, Owner, Gelateria Gemelli


“As colleagues at W Austin, Valerie was an extension of me to the farmers and the farming community. Since there is so much to do in a kitchen, it is hard for chefs to just pop in and out, to go to the markets or farms, and she did that for us.  I appreciate and respect her values and beliefs and unwavering spirit. She’s been a great asset, ally, and friend, a real professional at what she does.”

Chef Lawrence Kocurek

austin_orchards_gray“V. Broussard Consulting has been crucial in helping us launch the business side of our orchard. Her recommendations alone helped our business get off to a strong start. The advice Valerie gave us in regards to marketing, pricing, and especially referrals have played a significant role in our introduction into the Austin community.”

Pam McCaskill, owner, Austin Orchards