F & B Sourcing and Purchasing

For restaurants, artisans, retail stores…

Services include:

  • Task force for understaffed and new hotels and restaurants. I help clients through transitional periods and openings with all things sourcing, purchasing and receiving: building and revising order guides, inventory, placing orders, picking up local produce orders from area farms and markets.
  • Meet with you to determine which purveyors and products meet criteria of concept, and which items most need to be sourced.
  • Identify ingredients that could be substituted with locally sourced and/or sustainable ingredients.
  • Determine which artisan products will be outsourced, and which will be made in-house.
  • Procure samples for you to evaluate and determine preferred purveyors.
  • Build spreadsheet of preferred purveyors with logistical information.
  • Provide seasonal forecasts to inform menu planning.
  • Commission the appropriate farmer(s) to grow specific varieties for you.
  • Build order guides by order deadline and update a weekly produce order guide (indicating which farms are growing those specific fruit and vegetables).
  • Menu copyediting.
  • Implement sustainability initiatives such as recycling and composting, training of both FOH and culinary staff.

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